Learning outside the classroom is an important way to encourage students to consolidate their learning beyond lessons and encourage them to develop study skills essential to succeed further in their education. The set activities involve a range of study skills including research, presentation skills, extended writing tasks, creative tasks and learning activities.

Students will receive Achieving Excellence points as part of the academy rewards when they hand in homework of a good quality.

Show My Homework

To help all students with their homework tasks we are using “Show My Homework” which is an electronic homework calendar outlining the set task as well as the hand in date.

Show My Homework can be accessed via the link in the website footer. And the link below.

Students may want to download the ‘Show My Homework’ app so they can access homework via their phones or tablets.

Parents/Carers will receive a PIN number to enable them to set up an account to access their child’s homework tasks.

Login details:

Username:Student’s B number @brinsworth.rotherham.sch.uk
(e.g. B99999@brinsworth.rotherham.sch.uk)
Password:Same password used to log onto academy IT system


An e-mail has been sent to all Y9 and Y10 parents outlining an online resource that we are going to be using to send you work at present.

The resource is called ‘Kerboodle’ and contains lots of resources to help you consolidate all you have done in your GCSE course to this point. In time your class teachers will be setting you work on Kerboodle which you will be able to see when you log on. This may not happen immediately if you are being set other tasks.

Login Details

Your username:Students bnumber
Your password:Students bnumber
Your school’s institution code:tu4

When you first log in, you will be prompted to change your password.
You need to access the course – AQA GCSE Sciences 1-9.

If a teacher has sent you work it will be in ‘Notifications’ tab at the top of the page. In addition to work you are set there are huge amount of activities you can access including an online textbook.

If you have issues accessing your account, need it resetting or need us to see how we can adjust the resources we send out if you aren’t able to access them please contact us and we will do what we can to sort the issues.

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